How to create a Loop Bow Cake with streamers Tutorial

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This is one of my favourite styles of cake, especially for a birthday. I’ve made this cake on previous occasions in different colours and it always has such a happy party feel to it. I love the impact that the bow has with the different coloured loops added together on the top of the cake. It looks just like a birthday present!

This is a great way to decorate a cake, and a great technique to try if you are new to cake decorating. Below you’ll find a step by step tutorial going through exactly how to make the gumpaste bow, plus I also show you how to make gumpaste streamers.

Watch the Step by step tutorial below to see how to make the loop bow

Creating the Loop Bow

To create the loops which make up the bow on the top of the cake you will need to use a modelling paste that will hold it’s shape. In the tutorial you’ll see that I used gumpaste. Gumpaste (or floral paste) when left to dry will dry solid, making it perfect for these delicate ribbons. If you don’t have any gumpaste you can use fondant, but you will need to add some tylos powder to help it set firmer than fondant would on it’s own.

For the ribbons I used 4 different shades of green food gels which I go through in the tutorial. I really loved how well all the tones come together and by having different shades it really makes all the different pieces stand out.

When creating the pieces of the bow, the 2 ends are pulled over to create a loop and then the end is cut into a point. They can all then be left to dry, leaning on their side. The bow is fixed onto the cake, first by adding a small ball of fondant onto the center of the cake. With the help of some edible glue the points are pushed into the fondant, first created a circle of loops sitting on the cake. You can then add a row of loops resting on the first row, filling the gaps, and finish it off with a last loop in the center.

The streamers which are formed by wrapping thin strips of gumpaste around cake dowels can then be placed into the gaps, fixing them in place with some edible glue, just as we did with the loops.

I really hope you like this tutorial and find it useful, let me know in the comments below if you create this bow for the top of any of your cakes. Plus if you haven’t already you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Free cake decorating video tutorials.

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loop bow cake decorating tutorial

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