Coloured Sprinkle Drip Cake with Buttercream Swirls Tutorial

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The drip cake!! This style of cake has taken the cake decorating world by storm and I think it’s definitely here to stay. Its amazing how the idea of chocolate dripping down the side of a cake can make it look so pretty and fun. For this weeks video tutorial I thought I would share with you how I made this vibrant pink and purple themed cake, which features a buttercream cake, covered in pretty sprinkles with a chocolate ganche coloured in purple and topped with this ring of buttercream swirls…

Purple and Pink sprinkle drip cake
There are so many different types of drip cake and different things you can use to create your drips. You could go with a drip made of royal icing, coloured or painted gold, milk or dark chocolate drips, drips made from colour candy melts or a white chocolate ganache coloured in your favourite colour, which is what I went for in this cake.

Colouring chocolate

Now the thing to remember about working with chocolate is that you can’t colour it with just any food gels, or food colours. Food colours tend to be quite water based and chocolate and water just don’t mix. As soon as water is added to chocolate you get a congealed thick mixture which the more you add become quite powdery. Some gel colours are better than others because they have a very low water content, but to be sure the best way to colour chocolate is either with an oil based colouring or powdered colours. These are the edible tints that you might use to dust on gumpaste flowers.

To get this pretty purple shade I added some of the sugarflair violet tint along with some pink and blue tints to bring out the purple colour. This worked amazingly and by using powders it doesn’t change the consistency of the chocolate ganache at all. For the chocolate ganache I melted 100ml of double cream and added it to 150g of white chocolate. This was probably a little too much for just this one cake, so you can adjust the quantities depending on the size of your cake.

Creating the buttercream border

Ok so lets talk about the buttercream swirl on the top… I absolutely love the effect of this and it can seem a little daunting to pipe all those rosettes in one go, but you just need a good turntable, so as you pipe you move the cake around and continue piping. Now you will need to stop at some stage just to push the buttercream further down your piping bag, but the key is to stop at the bottom of a rotation. This way when you are ready to continue piping you can place the piping tip at the bottom and carry on without it showing. For this cake I used the Witon 6b piping tip, which is a nice large open tip giving this great effect.

I really hope you like the cake and enjoy watching how I made it. For the full video just click below:

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Tools I used

I have also put a link below to some of the tools I used throughout this video:

Turn Table:
Metal Scrapper Tool:
#6B piping tip:
Piping bags I use:
Sugarflair Graphe Violet Edible Tint:
Sugarflair Blush Pink Edible Tint:
Sugarflair Ocean Blue Edible Tint:

The spinkles were made from a combination of:
Sprinkletti Mermaid Mix:
Scrumptious Sprinkles Frosted TriPod :
Sprinkletti Midnight Violet:
Scrumptious Pink Hundreds and Thousands:
Scrumptious white Hundreds and Thousands:

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sprinkles Drip Cake tutorial

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  1. Beautiful cake
    Can i make and decorate a cake like this the day before? Will it look just as good the next day? Or will the buttercream and chocolate drip react with each other?

    1. Hi Shaynah, For this cake I used my vanilla sponge cake recipe which you can find as a tutorial in the tutorial section of the website.

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