July Round-up!

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July is one of my favourite months, we are well into summer at this stage and the sun is usually shining (I am in the UK, so this is definitely not a given, lol) so its time for all the summer cakes. I thought it would be fun to start a monthly roundup, looking at all the tutorials I have made, products I have been liking and anything cake related, so if this is a post you like let me know and I will continue this at the end of each month.

So what have I been creating in July…
Now you may have noticed in June that there were a few more tutorials than normal and this is here to stay. Going forward I will be creating a video a week which you can find on this blog on on the Cakes by Lynz YouTube channel every Friday, just in time for all your weekend baking. Throughout these 4 tutorials I want to split these up so there are different categories of cake decorating, so one week might be a techniques video, the next might be a fully decorated cake, followed by maybe cupcakes or some gumpaste flowers. So each month it offers variety and will appeal to different skill levels, so wherever you are in your baking journey there is something for everyone.

So this month started with a techniques video where I showed you how I cover my cakes to look like Marble. I love how this cake looks and is perfect to add to a wedding cake. If you want to see the full video tutorial just click here

how to cover a marble cake

The second tutorial was one I was so excited about as this also featured in the Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft magazine. This was the first time one of my cakes had appeared in a cake magazine and I am so appreciative of Amy at Sweet Stamp who asked me to create this cake for their editorial. The theme was vintage, and I wanted to add as much text as I could to really showcase their letter sets, so I created a vintage tea cup cake. The main cake features the Sweetsticks set and I made the sweet little biscuits with the mini message set (yes, the biscuits are made of fondant, they are not real!). This cake would be perfect for a mothers day cake or someone who just loves afternoon tea. If you want to see the full video tutorial just click here

Cake decoration and sugarcraft magazine

Ok so the third tutorial was one of my showstopper cakes. July saw me turn a year older so for my birthday cake I thought I would share how to make another anti-gravity cake on the channel, in the form of a giant ice lolly.

This cake is one of my favourites and I really hope by breaking it down into the different steps you have been able to see that it wasn’t actually that hard. Once the inner structure was created it was just a matter of stacking the cake. I covered the cake in 2 layers of chocolate ganache to give it a bit of structure and covered it in fondant. Now I covered it in 2 halfs to make it easier as it was a bit of an odd shape. Now some of you ask what I do with my cakes, well this one I enjoyed with my family in the garden celebrating my birthday and I have to give a little clap to my Husband Alex who sat with it on his lap whilst we drove the 3 miles to my parents house. There was only a small finger mark in the back when we arrived from him keeping it steady, lol. (I wouldn’t advise travelling with it on your lap, make sure if you make it and need to transport it you have it on a flat surface, preferably in the boot of your car, but we were running a little late, lol).

If you want to see the full video tutorial just click here

Ice Lolly Cake tutorial

So finally the fourth tutorial was another gumpaste flower. Know you may know I love creating gumpaste flowers, I try and get them as realistic as I can, and my latest tutorial was a bunch of gumpaste lavender. I love seeing lavender on cakes, and I always think its nice when you can make all the decorations, so if you are looking for an alternative to real flowers make sure you check this out. If you want to see the full video tutorial just click here

gumpaste Lavender tutorial

What are my favourites this month…

Ok so that is the tutorials, now for the things I have been liking in the cake world. I think my favourite thing this month has to be the Sweetsticks letter embossers by Sweet Stamp. I love how these looked on the front of the vintage cake and they just totally transform a cake making it as easy as it’s ever been to add lettering in modern up to date fonts. Coming from a design background (if you didn’t know) I absolutely love fonts and this one is just so pretty and easy to read. 

Another thing I have been loving are the Colour Splash gel colours. Now when it comes to the little gel colours in the pots with screw on lids I have used these for years, and for years I have a messy box of colours where every time I put my hand in to get a colour I am covered in food gel. Now I will be truly honest with you, I am a bit of a messy baker but these tubes are amazing, they lids go on and they are just so clean. Now that might be a strange reason to love them but the colours are great too. They might not be as concentrated as some brands but the colours are bright and vibrant and my hands are actually clean after I have picked them up which is a plus from me.

colour splash

Lastly and by no means least my favourite thing this month has to be all of you. It is so amazing that you all watch and support my channel and I really can’t thank you enough. I love reading all your comments and seeing you like the videos is the whole reason I keep on creating them, so thank you.

What else is going on in the world of cake…

In July cake Masters Magazine have opened the nominations for this years Cake Masters Awards.I love these awards as the nomines are voted for by you. So if you have a favourite retailer, a favourite cake, a favourite product or someone that inspires you don’t forget to head over and vote for all your favourites.

Cake Masters awards

So that’s it for July. I really hope you have enjoyed this monthly roundup post. If you have just let me know in the comments and also if you would like to see me include anything else just let me know. Thank you all so much for watching the tutorials this month, and if there are any you haven’t had a chance to see just head over to the tutorials section of the website. Now I’m off to start filming the videos for August!

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Thank you for reading!

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