How to cover a cake board – Basic Fondant / Wood Grain / Stone Effect

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Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference to how a cake looks when it’s finished. In the UK our cake boards tend to be covered in a silver metallic foil, and for me the cake board needs to be covered. Its purely for aesthetics and it really is down to personal preference. But a nicely covered board with a ribbon edge, in my opinion becomes part of the finished cake, it puts the focus on the cake that you have spent time created.

So for this weeks video tutorial I have created a techniques video dedicated to how I cover my boards. Now if you’re new to cake decorating you might just be looking to see how to cover the board in a white or coloured fondant, but if your looking for something a little bit more advanced I also cover how to make your board look like wood and stone. So just head to the bottom of the blog post for the video tutorial…

How to cover a cake board
How to cover a cake board in fondant

When covering my boards I tend to cover them first and then add the cake ontop. I know some people do this the other way around and add the fondant around the cake, but I just prefer the finish doing it this way. It means you don’t end up with a join at the back that you need to try and hide.

The boards that I tend to use for my cakes are drum boards, these are really thick (about 1cm in height) and are really sturdy so they take the weight of the cake without bending. I then just add a piece of ribbon the same height around the edge and secure with a piece of double sided tape. Below are a few examples of my cakes on their boards. For me the board really does become part of the whole cake, so whether you are using drum boards, slightly thinner boards, or mdf boards they look great covered.

Covering a Cake board

Wood & Stone Board Effect

In the tutorial as well as the basic technique I use to cover my boards I have also added in how I made the wood effect and stone effect boards. I absolutely love these style of boards and think it really helps make the cake become believable as a real thing. They are also so easy to make as you don’t need any special impression mats, just a few modelling tools and some edible tints to bring they to life.

Covering a cake board to look like wood
Covering a cake board to look like stone

Now if you’ve seen my pumpkin cake or buttercream flower bouquet cake you may have already seen how I made these effects, but I thought it would be great to have them in their own dedicated cake board video so you haven’t got to hunt around to try and find them. I loved how these boards looked, maybe as much as the cakes themselves. I always find it so satisfying when you can create something realistic when you have started with a plain ball of fondant.

I really hope you like this tutorial and will find it useful, whatever stage you are at in your cake decorating journey. If you would like to watch the full tutorial just click on the video below.

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Tools I used

I have also put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

Modelling tools:
Renshaw Fondant (White):
Drum Board (11 inches):
Colour Splash (Brown):
Pizza Cutter:
Double Sided Tape:

Coloured Edible Tints Used:
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Brown):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Chocolate):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Cream):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Black):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Shadow Grey):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Eucalyptus):

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How to cover a cake board in fondant

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