Valentines meringue Heart Drip Cake Tutorial

Valentines Day is just a week away, so I thought for this weeks tutorial I would use this as a theme and combine 4 of my favourite things into one cake… stripes, a chocolate drip, sprinkles and meringues. So for this weeks tutorial I am going to show you how I made this vibrant pink, striped cake with these pretty pink meringue hearts on the top and cascading down the side.

valentines Meringue Heart Cake

I really loved how the heart meringues came out and they are so easy to make.

For the French meringue mixture I used a ration of 2:1, caster sugar to egg whites. So for 60g of egg whites I used 120g of caster sugar. If you are finding that your mixture is just isn’t thickening once you add your sugar it may be because your egg whites were not whisked enough at the start. Your meringues will also work best when your egg whites are at room temperature. If your eggs are too cold you can pop them in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes to warm up before separating them.

When piping the hearts apply pressure to your piping bag and once you have a ball of meringue the size you need just stop applying pressure and pull down into a point. Repeat directly next the the first ball, jointing the points together at the bottom to give you that pretty heart shape. For this cake I used 3 different piping tips, a circle end piping tip, the 6B and the 195K. This gave me around 17 hearts, in various sizes. I then picked the best ones to go onto the cake.

Once the hearts of piped baked these at 100°C for 45 minutes. You are looking for a nice crunchy shell with a soft center. By keeping your oven low your meringues will retain their bright colour. Once the meringues were ready I turned the oven off and let them cool inside before removing them.

Meringue Hearts

For the cake itself this was a 6 inch vanilla sponge cake which I covered in 2 shades of pink buttercream. I used the contour comb by Evil Cake Genius to create the fun stripes around the edge. To contrast the pink I made a dark chocolate ganache by mixing 200g of dark chocolate with 125g of heated cream. This was just the right consistency to create the drip on the side.

Now this cake wouldn’t be complete without some matching sprinkles, and the ‘Love you more’ Pixie Pearls by SweetStamp were the perfect colours.

I really love how fun this cakes looks and how you can use any of the techniques for other cakes. Below you will find the full video tutorial, and although I do go through how I made the meringue mixture I have also included a more detailed video on how to make my meringues to give you some more ideas. I really hope you like the cake and all have a lovely Valentines Day! If you haven’t already you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more cake related video tutorials.

Here is a slightly more detailed Meringue Tutorial:

Tools I used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

Sweetstamp – ‘Love You More’ Pixie Pearls: (use code ‘CAKESBYLYNZ’ for 10% off)
Metal Scrapper Tool by Evil Cake Genius:
Turn Table:
Rolling Pin:
Renshaw Fondant – white:
6B piping tip:
Open Circle piping tip:
195k piping tip
Piping bags I use:
Raspberry Food Colour:

~ Please note that some of links above may be affiliate links. If you click the link and purchase any item through that link, I will receive a small commission from the website but this does NOT add any additional costs to you. Thank you so much for supporting this blog x ~

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Valentines Meringue Heart Cake

Thank you for reading!

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