Cute Lion King Cake Topper Tutorial

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A few months ago I shared with you a tutorial showing you how to make a cute elephant cake topper. I am so glad so many of you enjoyed it and I have had so many messages with photos of your elephant toppers that I thought I would do another animal for you to add to the collection. So in this weeks tutorial I am going to show you how to make this cute lion cake topper with his little gold crown. So if you’re looking for the perfect addition to a child’s birthday cake, a baby shower cake or even a christening cake why not give him a go.

Free lion Cake topper tutorial

The lion measures around 10.5cm in height and sits perfectly ontop of this 5 inch cake. He is made from a mixture of fondant and gumpaste to create a firm modelling paste that doesn’t dry out too quickly. I used squires floral paste which is my go to gumpaste but if you don’t have this available you could add a small amount of tylo powder to your fondant which will do the same thing.

He really was is much fun to make and I love how he looks with his full mane of hair around his head and the little gold crown off to the side.

Free lion Cake topper tutorial

As I mentioned if you saw my elephant topper the most important thing to remember with these animal toppers is to allow the body to firm up slightly before adding the head. The head was made the same size as his body to give him a cute look but this also means that his head is quite heavy, so by allowing each part time to dry (I left mine for around an hour) it means when you add them together the head won’t squish the body and it will keep its shape.

Here is a little picture of the lion with the elephant together. If there is another animal you want me to try just let me know in the comments below.

Learn how to make an Animal Cake topper tutorial

I really hope you like the little lion topper and enjoy giving him a try. You’ll find the full video below showing step by step how to make him.

Tools I used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

Rolling Pin:
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
Renshaw Fondant (White):
Squires Petal Paste (Gumpaste):
Rejuvenator Spirit:
Sugarflair Royal Gold Dusts:
Sugarflair dusky pink edible tint:
Sugarflair Chocolate edible tint:
Sugarflair egg yellow edible tint:

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Lion Cake Topper Tutorial

Thank you for reading!

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10 Responses

  1. Hi! I love this cute lion!
    My baby Leo turns one in dew weeks and I woukd like to make it for his cake. It will be my first attempt ever with fondant! I see you have listed all ingredients but I have few questions and I hope you could help! Can you tell me the colors you used for both the body and the mane?
    I see you use red and in your fondand at a certain point but I don’t se it listed, which type is that? For the black fondand just any black would be ok? Do you make the colors all liquid before adding them to the fondant or powder would be ok

    1. Hi, I am so glad you like the lion topper and want to make him. For the body of the lion I used a small amount of the Colour Splash Dark Drown with some of the Wilton Ivory. For his Mane I used Colour Splash orange with a little bit of brown. The black was pre-coloured black fondant. In regards to my colours I always use gel colours to colour my fondant. I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy making him.

    1. I’m so pleased you enjoy them. I don’t actually have a tutorial for a circus clown at the moment but that’s a great suggestion.

    1. Hi Lucy, Unfortunately I am so sorry but I don’t actually sell the toppers I only create them for the tutorials.

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