Ruffle Rosette Cake Decorating Video Tutorial

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A few months ago I created a tutorial showing you how to add 3 different ruffle techniques onto your cakes using fondant (If you haven’t already seen it, you can find it here). This tutorial has been so popular and so many of you have asked for some more similar techniques, so I thought for this weeks tutorial I would show you how I add ruffle rosettes onto the side of my cakes.

This effect is perfect to create a pretty birthday cake or to add onto the side of a wedding cake. Take a look at the bottom of this post for the full video tutorial ↓

how to add Ruffle Rosette Cake tutorial

To create this effect I used strips of fondant which had been mixed with some gumpaste to make it a little firmer than regular fondant. By combining the two it also allows it to dry harder faster which helps the ruffles keep at a 90 degree angle to the cake without drooping. For my strips they measured 1.5cm in width, and a big tip if you’re placing it on a cake board or placing the cake onto another cake to create a tiered effect, is to take this width into consideration when working out your sizes as you might need to go a little bigger for your board or other cakes to make them look right.

The rosettes can be a little fiddly to add on, but by using edible glue and allowing this to go tacky before attaching your strips it really helps them cling into place. You then just want to use your modelling tool to push the fondant onto your cake from both sides, securing it in place. You can see exactly how I did it in my video below.

How to Create Ruffle Rosettes on your cake

Now before you embark on this effect it is worth knowing that it is quite a time consuming technique to create, as are all of the ruffle techniques, but it looks so pretty once all the space is filled, so its definitely worth the time it takes to create it. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

The thing to remember with this technique there is no right or wrong way that your rosettes should look, you can have the rosette a lot tighter and closer together or a little more relaxed and have them further apart. My strips were placed with a distance of around 5mm apart and I loved how pretty it came out. I really hope you will find the video useful and will enjoy adding your own ruffles onto your cakes.

Tools I used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:
Rolling Pin:
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
Renshaw Fondant (White):
Squires Petal Paste (Gumpaste):

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Ruffle Rosette cake Tutorial

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