Marbled Buttercream Under the Sea Cake Tutorial

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One trend that I am really loving at the moment is marbled buttercream. It gives such a great effect on the side of your cakes and looks great in any colour. For this weeks video tutorial I thought I would show you how to create a marble effect on your cakes and also how to turn your cake into an easy underwater scene…

Under the sea seahorse marble buttercream cake

For the marbled effect I used my favourite American Buttercream recipe and coloured it in 4 different shades of blue/ green for an underwater feel. You will find my buttercream recipe here! I then cut a piece of parchment paper slight bigger than the height and cercumference of the cake. Taking the shades of buttercream you want to slightly mix these in a bowl but stop before the colours are all combined, before placing them down onto the parchment paper. When completely covered this can then be wrapped and smoothed onto the side of the cake.

Creating marbled buttercream tutorial

The reason for creating the marbled effect on the parchment paper instead of the cake itself is so that all the colours down’t mix together as you pull your smoothing tool around your cake. Just make sure you smooth out the buttercream on your parchment paper before applying it to the cake as this will give you smooth sides. See step by step how I created this effect in the video tutorial below.

Marbled buttercream cake decorating tutorial
marbled buttercream cake decorating tutorial

I then finished off the cake with these fun under the sea fondant shapes, edible sand and white sugar pearls. This is such a fun cake design and perfect if you are new to cake decorating.

Under the sea marble cake tutorial

Below is the full tutorial where I run through in more detail each step of creating this cake, from stacking and filling my cake, applying the crumb coat. Adding the marbled buttercream effect onto the side of your cake. How to use silicone moulds to add fun shapes onto your cakes and also what to use for edible sand. I really hope you will find this tutorial useful.

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Tools I used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

Glass Cutting Board:
Turn Table:
Metal Scrapper Tool (small):
Offset spatula (small):
Wilton Blue gel colour:
Navy Blue Colour Splash:
Jade Colour Splash:
Seashell mould (pink):
Seashell Mould (white):
Mermaid Tail & pink seashell Mould:
Wilton Sea Life Mould: Available from Michaels
Seahorse & Starfish Mould (similar):
Smoothing tool:

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How to create a marbled buttercream cake tutorial
Under the sea seahorse mermaid cake tutorial

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