How to add Shimmer & Sparkle onto your cakes – 3 Different Techniques

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On social media a question I see a lot of people ask is how to add sparkle and shimmer onto cakes. So for this weeks video tutorial I’m showing you 3 different ways to make your cakes really shine. From lustre dusts, making your cake look like its covered in sequins to adding edible glitter.

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For all 3 styles these were applied to fondant covered cakes. I actually used dummy cakes in this tutorial, but it is exactly the same techniques whether you are using dummy cakes or real cakes. All 3 dummy cakes were 4 inch cakes which were 4 inches in height. These were covered in dusky pink fondant. This worked as a great base for all my effects to be added into.

Shimmery Cake

Shimmer & glitter cakes tutorial - lustre dust cake

The first cake you will see in the tutorial is this shimmery rose gold cake. This really looks so pretty and just catches the light giving it a real metallic appearance.

The cake is covered using the pink diamond lustre dust by Sweet Sticks. By mixing it with alcohol or dipping solution you can create an edible paint that gives such a great shine when added to the fondant. The alcohol in the dipping solution evaporates as it dries and it leaves you with this beautiful shimmery finish.

Lustre dusts come in so many different colours so this effect would be great for any colour scheme.

Sequin Cake

This effect is probably my favourite out of the three, as not only do you get the beautiful shimmer from the first effect but the texture of the cake looks like its covered in hundreds of little sequins, making it so interesting to look at.

sparkly sequin cake

For this effect I used around 50g of small white confetti sprinkles and attached them to the cake with edible glue. This can be a little time consuming but it really is worth it. Some companies do sell moulds where you can push your fondant in to get a similar look and this is a great investment if you always have a lot of cakes like this to make.

You can also get the sprinkles in other colours, I chose white as I wanted to colour them with the Sweet Sticks lustre dust but if you are going for gold, silver or bronze you can get them pre coloured.

Edible Glitter Cake

Without a doubt this is definitely the most sparkly out of the three. For this cake I used these tiny rose gold glitter squares. Attaching them with a large fluffy brush onto some edible glue.

Shimmer & glitter cakes tutorial

The glitter square are different shades of rose gold so give a really sparkly, shimmery finish. You can also get these in different colours to match your theme.

I really loved how all three of these cakes look and when placed together are all so pretty. These effects would be perfect to add to any cakes you want to add a little sparkle. I  hope you enjoy the tutorial and will be able to use these techniques on your own cakes. Let me know in the comments do you have a favourite out of the three?

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Tools I used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

SweetSticks Lustre – Pink Diamond: (Use code CAKESBYLYNZ for 10% off)
SweetStamp Fluffy Brushes: (Use code CAKESBYLYNZ for 10% off)
Dipping Solution:
Confetti Sequin Sprinkles:
Edible Glitter Squares- Rose Gold:
Edible glue:
Rolling Pin:
Dummy Cakes:
Glass Cutting Board (similar):
Renshaw White fondant:
Plastic Smoothers:
Squires Kitchen Belissimo Flexi Smoothers:
Pale Pink Colour Splash:
Dusky Pink Sugarflair gel colour:
Colour Splash Brown:

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how to add shimmer & sparkle onto your cakes

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