Ripped Marbled Fondant Cake Wrap Tutorial

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Recently I have started seeing people adding fondant wraps around their cakes, whether they go all the way around or just cover part of the cake, similar to the fault line cake but instead of buttercream these are made from fondant / sugarpaste. I really love this style and think they look so pretty. It’s also a great way to add a little bit of colour to your cake.

In this weeks video tutorial I have been having a go at this new style and show you how I created this marbled fondant wrap around my white cake, finishing it off with some gold edible paint to really highlight the edges.

You can watch how I made the cake below ⇩

Creating the fondant wrap

When creating the wrap the thing that I found most important was the characteristics of the fondant I was using. Is not all fondant / sugarpaste / icing the same? No, different brands are different, they can taste different, some are softer than others, some cover cakes better and some have more elasticity than others. More elasticity is the characteristic I found most important with this effect. It’s this that allows you to roll out the fondant a lot thinner than you usually would when covering a cake, meaning that when you pick it up it doesn’t rip as easily.

This was important as I had already covered the cake (or in the case of the video I was covering a dummy cake) in a layer of fondant so didn’t want to add another 4mm layer of fondant around the edge. So being able to roll it thinner meant I only added around 1 – 2 mm of extra fondant. I think this also made it look alot more delicate.

marble fondant wrap cake

Marbling the fondant

The great thing about this technique is you can create it in any colour to match the theme of your cake. I chose to create marbled fondant, but this would also look great as a solid colour. For the marble effect I added streaks of grey and pink into my fondant before kneading this through. With marbled fondant the key is to stop before all the colours are combined which when rolled out gives you different shades of your colour running through your fondant.

Also a great tip is always check the back and front of your fondant when rolled out before deciding on your favourite side to use as they will always look different. You can find a full tutorial just on creating marbled fondant here!

I love how this style looks whether it’is wrapped around the whole cake, maybe just on the side or with the cake underneath peaking through as I did. You can keep your edges straight or tear into them to give a rustic feel. I really think this would make a great addition to a wedding cake.

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Tools I Used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

Colour Splash light pink food gel:
Colour Splash black food gel:
Modelling tools:
Smart Flex Fondant – White:
Tylos Powder:
Dipping Solution:
Rolling Pin:
Glass Cutting Board (similar):
Plastic Smoothers:
Squires Kitchen Belissimo Flexi Smoothers:
EdibleArt White Paint: (Use code CAKESBYLYNZ for 10% off)

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marble fondant wrap cake

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  1. HI! love this cake… Do you have to do the base layer of fondant for this cake to work? I want to avoid putting so much fondant on the cake but not sure if it will hold up without it!

    1. Hi Victoria, I am so glad you like it. No you could wrap your fondant wrap straight onto a buttercream or ganached cake and this would work too.

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