Chocolate ‘Splash’ Cake Tutorial

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Have you ever wondered how to create a topper that looks like a dish or a ‘splash’ for the top of your cakes? For this weeks tutorial I’ve been using candy melts (you can also use chocolate or isomalt too) to show you how to create this fun splash shape topper that you can add to your cakes.

I also show you how to add this fun buttercream band around the bottom of your cake, similar in style to the fault line cake or the fondant wraps that are really popular at the moment.

chocolate splash cake tutorial 5

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Creating the Chocolate ‘Splash’

I really love how fun this ‘splash’ looks on the top of the cake, and it is so easy to make. I wasn’t really sure what to call it, it looks like a splash, or you might call it a dish or its similar to the sails which you create to add onto your cakes.

In the tutorial you will see I melted down my candy melts and used the Colour Mill purple to match it to the buttercream band at the bottom of my cake. I then poured it onto a silicone mat and let it sit on top of a glass to create the ‘splash’ shape.

I used candy melts for mine, but you can also use chocolate or isomalt too. If you are using chocolate you want to make sure you temper your chocolate first. This will help it set and also allow it to be removed from the mat a lot easier.

chocolate splash / dish / sail cake tutorial

Once it is laid over the glass you can then use pegs to create some shape and hold the mat in place. One tip I would give is not to make any tight creased or folds in the mat. This will make it really hard to pull the mat off when the candy melts have set. The topper will be quite fragile where it’s dripped down so just release it really carefully, taking your time.

chocolate splash cake tutorial

The Buttercream Band

Ok so lets talk about the cake. The cake was a 5 inch cake, and was filled and covered in my American buttercream. Around the bottom I added a band of darker purple buttercream, in a similar style to the fault line cakes. I love how this added a simple design to the cake and the band had this uneven edge which went perfectly with the topper.

To highlight the edge of the purple buttercream I used the Purple Wedding sprinkles by Happy Sprinkles. The colours matched so perfectly with different shades of purples and white hearts and strands.

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buttercream faultline cake with happy sprinkles

I had so much fun making this cake. It was quite simple in design but really stands out and creates quite a show stopper.

chocolate splash cake tutorial with fault line buttercream

I really hope you enjoy the tutorial and wether your creating a ‘splash’ topper or decorating your buttercream cake with a band of buttercream around the bottom will be able to use some of these techniques on your own cakes.

Tools I used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

Turntable: UK – USA –
Fun Cakes Deco Melts:
Silicone Mats:
Happy Sprinkles Sweet Mermaid: (Get 10% off with code ‘HAPPYLYNZ10’)
Colour Mill Purple:
Offset spatula (small):
Glass Cutting Board (similar):
Metal Scrapper Tool (small):
PME Cake Smoother 10inch:
White Cake Board:
Edible glue:

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chocolate isomalt splash cake tutorial with purple fault line buttercream

Thank you for reading!

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