My 2021 Christmas Gift Guide – For Bakers & Cake Makers

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I love Christmas, but I always find it hard to work out what to get everyone. Whether you’re a cake maker looking for gift ideas to tell your family, want to start a new hobby in the new year and you’re not quite sure what you might need, or you know an avid baker and you’re not quite sure what to buy them this Christmas, here is a selection of gift ideas I think they might like.

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 for bakers & Cake makers
1. SweetStamp Letter Sets

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know I am a huge fan of the Sweet Stamp letter sets and I think these would make a great gift this Christmas. If you’ve not heard of Sweet Stamps letter sets before they are the perfect way to add text onto your cakes. Their letter sets come in a variety of sizes with so many different styles of fonts. So whether you make larger cakes or cupcakes, there is definitely one you will love. I love them all, but some of my favourites are the larger Candy, Handwritten and Classics sets and I just love their new smaller Trendy & Timeless sets. If you are new to the letter sets you might also want to include a pickup pad. These come in 2 sizes and allow you to turn your letters into a stamp to use on your cake or cake board. Click here for the link (Use code ‘CakesbyLynz’ at the checkout for 10% off your purchase)

2. Cake Decorating Turn Table

This is the turn table I use and I absolutely love it. Price wise at around £28 (GBP) it is such great value for money. It has a really smooth turning motion and spins so easily. It has a height of 5 inches and the turn table is 12 inches in diameter. Since I purchased this turn table it has made covering my cakes in ganache and buttercream so much easier. Click here for the link (alternative link if you are in the USA)

3. Kenwood KMix in Pastel Pink

Around 10 years ago I got my own Kenwood KMix for Christmas. This was one of the best Christmas presents and I still love it and use it to make my cakes. Well now you can get them in pastel colours. In the photo is the pastel pink, but they also do a pastel blue too which is just as pretty. I mean pastel pink, need I say more! I use my Kenwood KMix for mixing my cakes, buttercream and my bread dough too. Having used my KMix for so long I would definitely recommend it as a great mixer for cake makers. Click here for the link

4. PME Modelling Tools

Out of everything I use when making my cakes these are probably one of the most useful things I own. I use these modelling tools all the time, from the dresden tool for adding detail to my models to the ball tool for making flowers, this set is great if you are new to cake decorating. Click here for the link (alternative link if you are in the USA)

5. Happy Sprinkles Summer Lovin’ Mix

I mean who wouldn’t love to get sprinkles for Christmas. I absolutely love sprinkles and this set has such a variety. This is the summer sprinkle mix and includes all of my favourites. There is the Very Strawberry with mini strawberries, Tutti Fruiti with pineapple shapes, bananas, lemons and so much more, including these fun yellow and red choco balls which look amazing on cakes. Click here for the link on the Happy Sprinkles Website or The Cake Decorating Website (Use code ‘HappyLynz10’ at the checkout for 10% off your purchase)

6. King Pin Rolling Pin

I know what you’re thinking, this is just a rolling pin, but after using this rolling pin for the last 6 months or more I can honestly say this is so much more than just an ordinary rolling pin. If you ever find you get sore hands or wrists when rolling out your fondant or you cover a lot of cakes this rolling pin takes all the strain away. The King Pin weights 3 kg so it is quite heavy which means you don’t have to push down as much as you normally would. The handles also rotate inside the main part of the rolling pin which means your wrists don’t move, you just move your arms guiding the rolling pin over your fondant. I personally found that once using this rolling pin if you then go back to just a normal one you can definitely see the difference. This would make a great gift for someone who makes a lot of cakes, or someone who has problems with pain in their hands or wrists. Click here for the link

Please note these are currently out of stock but The Cake Decorating Company will have more stock on their website by 22nd November (so in plenty of time for Christmas)

7. Jane’s Patisserie Recipe Book

If you’ve not heard of Jane’s Patisserie you are in for a treat. Jane makes the most delicious recipes and this year she released her own recipe book. Filled with delicious cakes, desserts and sweet treats this would make such a great gift for anyone who loves to try out new recipes. You definitely need to try her NYC chocolate chip cookies or her no bake salted caramel cheesecake. Click here for the link

8. Sweet Sticks Lustre Dust

Sweet Sticks small 4g tubs of metallic edible lustre dust would make the perfect stocking fillers. They come in 33 shades and can be added straight onto your cakes or if you mix them with some dipping solution or alcohol you can create an edible paint. Whatever colour you choose they are going to make a great addition to any cake makers tool kit. Click here for the link (Use code ‘CakesbyLynz’ at the checkout for 10% off your purchase)

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 for bakers & Cake makers
9. Happy Sprinkles Pastel Dream Mix

I couldn’t resist adding another of the Happy Sprinkles sprinkle boxes. This Pastel Dream box is so beautiful and has such a range of pastel themed sprinkles. Perfect to add onto your cakes and cupcakes I think this would make an amazing gift for anyone who loves baking. Click here for the link (Use code ‘HappyLynz10’ at the checkout for 10% off your sprinkles)

10. Sweet Stamp Brushes

A good set of brushes are a must for any cake decorator and Sweet Stamp’s luxury brush set has a wide variety of sizes and shapes. These are perfect for painting your SweetStamp letters, adding details onto you models or fixing decorations to your cake with edible glue. The shape of the brushes also makes them to comfortable to use. Click here for the link (Use code ‘CakesbyLynz’ at the checkout for 10% off your purchase)

11. Halo Sprinkles – Ruby Sprinkle Bauble

How cute is this sprinkle bauble from Halo Sprinkles. Filled with Christmas themed sprinkles the baubles come in 2 colours, this Ruby design and also a pretty frosty blue one. These would look amazing, either on or under a tree this Christmas. You also get this really super cute mini sprinkle scoop. Click here for the link (Use code ‘CakesbyLynz’ at the checkout for 10% off your purchase)

12. Colour Mill Oil Based Colours

Colour Mill colours are great for colouring fondant and buttercream, but as they are oil based they are also perfect for colouring chocolate and candy melts too. A lot of other gel colours are water based which means if you like to colour chocolate they can make the chocolate seize due to the water content. Colour Mill colours come in 46 different shades and are perfect for creating that coloured drip to add onto your cake. Click here for the link

13. 1M & 2D Piping Nozzles

If you know someone who would love to get into decorating cupcakes these 2 piping nozzles are great ones to start with. With these 2 piping nozzles you can create so many different effects. Take a look at my tutorial here to see the 1M and 2D in action. Click here for the link (alternative link if you are in USA)

14. PME Cake Tins

All bakers need a good set of tins in their kitchen, and these ones are a great place to start. I would say the most popular sized cake at the moment is a 6 inch cake so a set of tins would be a great gift for a budding cake maker or baker. Click here for the link (alternative link if you are in USA)

15. Silikomart Mini Lolly Mould

Cakesicles are so much fun and so popular any time of the year. Covered in sprinkles or decorated to look like unicorns, cakesicles are made by lining a lolly mould with chocolate or candy melts and filling the inside with cake. These create the most yummy treat for any occasion. Click here for the link

16. Silverwood Multisize Square Tin

If you create a lot of cake in varying sizes it can mean that your cupboards are filled with cake tins. I personally love this square cake tin by Silverwood. It has a 12 inch base and the dividers allow you to create a range of different size square bakes. You can even bake 4x 6 inch square cakes at the same time. It then folds down flat so takes up far less room than normal cake tins. Click here for the link

17. PME 10 Inch Smoother

The PME cake smoother. Whether you cover cakes in buttercream or ganache this metal smoothing tool is great for getting smooth, straight sides on your cakes. It’s also 10 inches long, so is great if you love tall cakes. This is my favourite smoothing tool and is something I personally use a lot when covering my cakes. Click here for the link (alternative link if you are in USA)


So there we have selection of gift ideas for bakers and cake makers this Christmas. I really hope you like these gift ideas and find them useful in your hunt for the perfect gift. I also wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas baking!

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Thank you for reading!

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