How to Pipe Festive Poinsettia Cupcakes Tutorial

With the festive season fast approaching the shops are starting the fill with everything ready for Christmas, and this includes poinsettia flowers. Poinsettias come in red, pink and a creamy white, but at Christmas in the UK there are red poinsettias everywhere. So I thought it would be fun for this weeks tutorial to show you how I pipe poinsettia cupcakes.

poinsettia cupcakes tutorial

So if you’d like to see how to pipe them you can watch the video below. I show you what piping nozzles you’ll need but also how to pipe them with no piping tips at all ⇩

The Cupcakes

For the cupcakes I’m using a batch of my vanilla cupcakes (you can find the recipe here). When making your cupcakes you want quite a flat cupcake on the top. This really helps when piping your leaves as a level cupcake helps them hold their shape. If you have quite a large dome on the top it can cause your buttercream to lay on the curve of the cupcake causing your flower to bend backwards. If you do have a slight dome on the top you can just slice this off before you begin.

Now for the buttercream I’m using my American Buttercream recipe. It’s a soft buttercream that holds it’s shape which is perfect for flowers.

The Piping Nozzles

In the tutorial I go through all the piping nozzles you’ll need, but I also go through how you can pipe these cupcake with no piping nozzles at all, just by using your piping bags.

If you do have piping tips the ones you’ll need are the #366 and the #352. These are both leaf piping tips, just in 2 different sizes. The larger of the 2 you’ll need for the green leaves at the back and the first row of read leaves. These are the larger leaves and the more pressure you add to your piping bag at the start the wider your leaves will be.

I also move my piping bag back and forward slightly as I pipe the leaves to give them a little texture on the surface.

For the centers you’ll need 2x number #2 piping nozzles. These have a tiny round hole at the end making them perfect to create the center buds.

poinsettia cupcakes  tutorial

If you’re new to piping cupcakes or don’t pipe flowers very often you might not have the right piping tips, but the great thing about poinsettias is you can still create the same effect with just a piping bag. By cutting the same ‘V’ shape from your piping bag as the leaf tip you’re able to create a very similar buttercream leaf. In the tutorial I go through exactly how to cut each piping bag for the different sized leaves and also the buds.

My only advice if you are cutting your piping bags is to use quite a firm piping bag that will hold its shape at the tip. Here is a link to the ones I use on Amazon-

poinsettia cupcakes piping tips without piping nozzles

I really love how pretty and festive these cupcakes are and I think they would be perfect on their own or paired with some other festive cupcakes. Also don’t forget you can also make them in pink and cream too. I really hope you will find this tutorial useful. If you haven’t already you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Free cake decorating video tutorials.

Tools I used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

Piping bags I use:
No. 366 Piping Nozzle:
No. 352 Piping Nozzle:
No. 2 Piping Nozzle:
Sugarflair Red Extra:
Sugarflair Green Extra:
Colour Splash Yellow:
Colour Splash Leaf Green:

~ Please note that some of links above may be affiliate links. If you click the link and purchase any item through that link, I will receive a small commission from the website but this does NOT add any additional costs to you. Thank you so much for supporting this blog x ~

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How to pipe Poinsettia Cupcakes tutorial

Thank you for reading!

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