How to create a Shaker Style Cake Topper with the Cricut Maker 3

I am so excited as this weeks tutorial is sponsored by Cricut. A few months ago I created a tutorial showing you how to make 3 basic cake toppers using my Cricut maker 3 and so many of you asked for more Cricut videos. So this week I’m showing you how to make a layered shaker style cake topper.

If you haven’t seen ‘shaker’ style toppers, these are cake toppers filled with pretty sequins that move around when you shake it! I really hope you’ll enjoy the tutorial, whether you already have a Cricut cutting machine and you’re looking for something to make or maybe you’re thinking of buying a Cricut machine. I take you through how to layout your design within the Cricut design space and different materials you can use to make your cake toppers.

how to create a shaker style cake topper with a cricut

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The Cricut Design Space

Whether you’re creating a cake topper with one layer or made up of multiple layers, you want to lay your design out in the Cricut Design Space. For this cake topper the main ‘shaker’ part was made up of 4 separate stars. In the video you’ll see I cut the first star out of kraft board to give the topper some structure. To stick onto this the second star was cut from some of the Cricut delux paper in a really pretty paste lilac star pattern.

cricut design space

You then want a frame to go over the top and the ‘offset’ option within the Cricut design space is perfect for this. Finally the last star was cut from a sheet of clear Cricut acetate, to create a little window to see all the sequins through.

The Cricut acetate comes with a protective film on both sides, when cutting our your acetate you want to peal the film off one side and place this down onto your standard grip mat. You can then cut out your design before removing the film from the front.

star cut from Cricut acetate

Creating a Shaker Style Cake Topper

The most important thing when it comes to the ‘shaker’ style cake topper is the moving sequins (or you could use sprinkles too) on the inside, so you need to make a barrier around the edge of your back piece to raise up the front and also stop the sequins from falling out.

Creating a shaker style cake topper

There is actually 2 ways you can do this. Firstly you can use double sided foam tape, sticking it around the egde, you just want to make sure its thick enough to give enough space.

The second option is you can cut out a boarder from wood. One of my favourite things about the Cricut maker 3 is that it cuts out over 300 different materials, including thicker materials like wood. I mean when it comes to cake toppers this opens up so many possibilities!

Cutting wood for cake toppers on the cricut maker 3

For the star boarder or barrier I used the Cricut Basswood which measured 1.7mm in height, you will also need a knife blade and strong grip mat. Trying out different materials really is one if the things I love most about the Cricut Maker 3.

When cutting the star from wood I did actually stop process before the end as this was quite a delicate shape, so once I saw it lift from the mat I knew it had been cut out, but as it’s cutting you can see on the screen how much time is left.

cutting wood on the cricut maker 3

Creating a banner on my Cricut

In the video you’ll see that to finish off the topper I created a banner and name to go on the front. I used the deluxe paper stock, smart sticker paper, glitter card and holographic vinyl to show that you can mix and match the different materials and I think it came out looking so pretty.

I used the double sides foam tape I mentioned earlier to raise the name from the banner and create a 3D effect.

shaker cake topper with the cricut maker 3

Cutting Wood on the Cricut Maker 3

If you’re thinking of buying a Cricut cutting machine then they do have a selection of different machines which cut a variety of materials. Depending on what you want to create take a look at the materials list before deciding which to purchase.

Find out more about Cricut here:
Cricut UK Blog:
Cricut UK Shop:
Cricut UK Instagram: @Cricut_UK

If you are thinking of purchasing the Cricut Maker 3 I couldn’t resist sharing an example of a topper you could cut from the basswood I used for the boarder.

cricut maker 3

As well as cutting shaper you can also cut words, and how perfect would this ‘One’ be for on the top of a first birthday cake. Once the letters were cut-out I just attached it to a bamboo skewer.

cake toppers using the cricut maker 3

I had so much fun creating this cake topper, and I really hope you’ll find this tutorial useful. I have to say a massive thank you to Cricut for sponsoring this weeks tutorial on my YouTube channel.

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Tools I used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

Cricut Maker 3:
Cricut Essential Tool Kit:
Cricut Knife Blade:
Cricut Acetate:
Cricut Glitter Cardstock:
Cricut Standard Grip Mat:
Cricut Strong Grip Mat:
Cricut Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock:
Cricut Permanent Vinyl:
Cricut Holographic Vinyl:
Cricut Basswood:
Cricut Kraft Board:
Double Sided Tape:
Double sided Foam Tape:
Craft Glue:

~ Please note that some of links above may be affiliate links. If you click the link and purchase any item through that link, I will receive a small commission from the website but this does NOT add any additional costs to you. Thank you so much for supporting this blog x ~

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how to make a shaker cake topper with cricut

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