A Two-Tone Buttercream Drip Cake Tutorial

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If I had to pick my favourite colour cake to make it would probably be a pink or purple cake, so I thought it would be fun to combine both of these colours into a two-tone ombre buttercream cake. Plus whilst I’m at it, let’s add a super easy drip and what better way to finish off a cake than by adding some pretty sprinkles and tiny fondant flowers!

So if you want to learn how to make your own two-tone buttercream drip cake scroll down for my full step by step video tutorial.

Pink and purple two tone buttercream drip cake

Click below to watch my step by step tutorial showing you how to make this pretty ombre buttercream cake ⇩

Tools I used

Happy Drip (HAPPYLYNZ10 for 10% off)
Prop Options Acrylic Boards (CAKESBYLYNZ for 10% off)
Acrylic Cake Scrapper (Lynz10 for 10% off)
Hot Pink & Purple Colour Mill (Lynz10 for 10% off)
Piping Bags
8″ Cake Board (Lynz10 for 10% off)
2D piping nozzle
Full Bloom Sprinkles (HAPPYLYNZ10 for 10% off)
Ball Tool
Dresden Tool
Renshaw Fondant

Creating the two-tone buttercream ombre effect

For this cake I used a 5 inch vanilla sponge cake that was 5 inches in height. For the recipe I actually used the same amount of ingredients that I use in my 6inch vanilla sponge cake video, but by baking it in my 5 inch tins I get a little more height. You can find the recipe here.

For the buttercream I’m using some American buttercream which I’ve coloured using the hot pink and purple by Colour Mill.

When covering a cake in buttercream one of the most important things to remember is to add a crumb coat. All a crumb coat is, is a thin layer of buttercream that goes on before you outer layer. This locks in any loose crumbs, but also allows you to create a great base for your buttercream, filling any gaps and straightening your sides.

two tone ombre buttercream cake tutorial

Once your crumb coat has firmed up in the fridge, it’s time to add your ombre effect buttercream. You can see that I added the purple to the top and the pink to the bottom. Before smoothing down your buttercream you need to blend these together. If you don’t, you’ll end up with two large stripes around your cake. By blending them the colours merge together and create this beautiful 2 tone effect.

If you struggle with getting smooth buttercream on your cakes you can find my top 10 tips for smooth buttercream cakes here!

The easiest way to add a drip onto your cakes

Have you been looking for a super easy way to add a drip onto your cakes? When creating drips for my cakes I’ve always created a ganache with a 1:1 ratio chocolate to cream. This has always worked well, but I’m always left with so much cream as you only need a small amount. So when Happy Sprinkles asked me if I wanted to test out their new Happy Drip I was so excited and thought it would be perfect for this cake.

Happy Drip - Cake drip in a bottle

This is drip in a bottle; you pop the bottle in the microwave for around 30 seconds, give it a shake and it’s ready to add onto your cake. I would test it on the side of a glass first, just to make sure the mixture has melted enough (you see me do this in the video) but then it’s ready to add onto your cake.

I have to say this is so convenient as you can then pop the cap back on and save it for the next drip you want to make. This is definitely now my go to for any drip cake I need to make. It sets in just a few minutes and in my opinion it also tastes really nice too. I used the creamy white which looked great against the pink and purple buttercream, but it comes in lots of other colours too.

If anyone was wondering Happy Sprinkles have not told me to say this, this is just my honest opinion after trying the product myself.

Happy Sprinkles buttercream drip cake

10% off Happy Sprinkles

If you want to get your hands on some of the Happy Drip or some of the sprinkles I used on the cake Happy Sprinkles have kindly given me a 10% off discount code for me to share with you.

To receive 10% off Happy Sprinkles all you need to do is visit their website www.happysprinkles.com or The Cake Decorating Company and enter the code HAPPYLYNZ10 at the checkout! (This code can not be combined with any other discounts)

Also in the tutorial

If you haven’t watched it yet, in the tutorial I also show you how to create super easy fondant flowers, which require no moulds or veiners and look so pretty. I pipe two-tone buttercream swirls and a pretty border around the bottom of my cake.

Ombre buttercream drip cake tutorial

I really hope you enjoy the tutorial and will be able to use some of these effects on your own cakes. If you haven’t already you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more FREE cake decorating video tutorials.

Plus why not save this tutorial for later and pin it to Pinterest

Ombre Buttercream Drip Cake Tutorial

Thank you for reading!

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