Two-Tier Rose Cake Tutorial – using the Fondant Panelling Method

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This week I had the pleasure of working with The Cake Decorating Company to create this beautiful two-tier cake, covered in roses. They kindly sponsored this weeks video and supplied all the tools I needed to make the cake, to celebrate the start of their Black Friday sale. #ad

two tier rose cake tutorial with panelling technique

I had so much fun creating this cake, and as well as showing you the different tools, I tried to pack the tutorial with as many techniques as I could, including how to colour your fondant, how to cover your cakes using the panelling effect, making super easy fondant roses, stacking a cake and lastly how to stick fondant decorations onto buttercream cakes. Read on to hear more about the different techniques.

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Click below to watch the step by step tutorial showing you how to make this pretty pink rose cake ⇩

Tools I used

Ingenious Edibles Flavoured Icing Sugar (Strawberry MilkShake)
Ingenious Edibles Flavoured Icing Sugar (Vanilla)
Ingenious Edibles Flavoured Icing Sugar (Lemon Drizzle)
Ingenious Edibles Flavoured Icing Sugar (Salted Caramel)
Colour Flex by SugarFlair
The Sugar Paste
FMM The Easiest Rose Ever Cutters
FMM The Smaller Easiest Rose Ever Cutter
Baby Pink Cake Board
Acrylic Scraper
Wilton Cornflour Pot
Small 5 inch Cake Board
Eezee Dowels
Eezee Dowel Cutter
Paddle Smoothers
Large Rolling Pin
Small Rolling Pin
Flexi Smoothers
Ball Tool
Foam Mat
Edible Glue
Dresden Tool

The Fondant Panelling Method

If you’ve ever struggled to cover your cakes in fondant; maybe you’ve ended up with elephant skin, or maybe as you’ve draped your fondant over your cake it has torn. It can be really disheartening to take it off and start again.

A huge part in how successful you are in covering your cakes is the fondant you use. Not all fondants are the same, different brands have different characteristics. In this tutorial I’m using The Sugar Paste. If you watch the video you will see this is a super stretchy fondant and that elasticity within the fondant stops the elephant skin and the tearing. It also makes it a great fondant to use the panelling method to cover your cakes. It eliminates the need to drape your fondant over your cake and smooth out all the pleats. It also makes it super quick to get sharp edges on the top.

Fondant panelling method

Start by creating a disc of fondant and cut this to the side of your cake. You are then able to roll out a long strip of fondant, long enough to wrap around the side of your cake. You’ll see in the tutorial I then roll this loosely around a small rolling pin, before unrolling it around the side of the cake. Where the 2 ends meet use your craft knife to cut these at exactly the same point, before pealing one side back to remove the excess. Then just smooth it into place. Trim of the excess around the top and then your able to get started on perfecting that top edge.

Using two paddle smoothers, work these together as if joined, to create a right angle and work your way around the top of the cake. Applying a small amount of pressure as you go, forcing the fondant into that right angle of the smoothers.

This method really is so easy to do. You do end up with a small hairline join around the top and along the back, but the more you work your fondant this will fade and become less noticeable. This really is a great method to try if you do struggle with sharp edges. Check out the video for a more detailed description and to see me actually do it.

Creating Over 150 Fondant Roses

Creating roses for a cake is definitely a labour of love and something that I have always loved to do. I’ve always cut out individual petals and placed them around a center bud. So when I saw the FMM The Easiest Rose Ever cutter (I also used the smaller cutter too) I was dubious. Could this really create pretty roses without having to cut out all the petals. Yes!! it actually can; I was so excited. This makes the prettiest little roses and the best thing was they were so quick to make. So I decided to make 150 of them to stick onto the bottom tier of this cake.

FMM the easiest rose cutter ever

Now don’t get me wrong if you were making 5 they would be really quick. I decided to make 150, so still took a little while, but they looked so pretty stuck onto the cake, it was really worth the time.

I again used The Sugar Paste, coloured in different shades of pink using the SugarFlair Colour Flex in candy pink. Because these were going on the side of a cake I didn’t add any modelling paste or tylo powder into my roses, as I wanted them to be completely edible and still soft enough to eat when the cake was cut.

creating fondant roses

Using The Sugar Paste with it’s elasticity meant I could roll it super thin and it didn’t tear when I thinned out the edges with my ball tool. I also found the thinner I was able to get the fondant, the more realistic the roses became, when the petals were pulled into place.

These could then be left to dry for a few hours so I was able to push them into my bottom tier. The bottom tier was actually covered in buttercream. I get asked quite a lot if you can attach fondant decorations on buttercream cakes and you definitely can. I just added a tiny amount of edible glue onto the back to stick them against the buttercream. This also works with ruffles too. You just want to make sure your decorations aren’t too heavy, so being about to roll the fondant thin worked so well.

easy fondant roses

I really loved working with The Cake Decorating Company to make this cake and create this weeks tutorial. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and will be able to use some of these techniques for your own cakes. If you haven’t already don’t forget you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more FREE cake decorating video tutorials.

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two tier rose cake tutorial with panelling technique

Thank you for reading!

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