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One of my favourite parts of cake making is presenting the finished cake to its intended recipient. The look on their face, as they see the cakes, makes all the hard work worthwhile. Presentation is key, and a significant part of that is how the cake is packaged.

Let me introduce you to the Olbaa cake boxes. If you haven’t heard of them yet, Olbaa creates beautiful cake boxes that provide ample space for your cakes. I’ve been using them for my own creations, and they’ve quickly become a staple in my kitchen. Keep reading for a special 10% discount code for the Olbaa website. #AD

Olbaa cupcake boxes with buttercream rosette swirl cupcakes

First Impressions Matter

Making a great first impression is so important. Think about a time that you visited a place that wowed you on that first visit, or when you received something beautifully wrapped. You want the first time someone sees your cake to be just as memorable. 

If you’ve been thinking about elevating your cake packaging you need to check out Olbaa’s cake boxes. You may have seen them in some of my recent cupcake and bento cake tutorials. They not only look amazing but are also incredibly well-designed.

Rachel and Haf from Olbaa have crafted beautiful boxes for cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats with cake makers in mind. Rachel is a cake maker herself and she knows exactly what we need from a cake box.

Tall Cake Boxes

Single-tier cakes have grown taller over the last few years, and let’s not even talk about trying to package a two-tier cake. If you’ve ever tried to stick corner extensions into your boxes with Sellotape, balancing the lid on the top, and wrapping the middle with cling film, you’ll definitely appreciate Olbaa’s tall cake boxes. Rachel and Haf have created tall boxes that slide easily over your cake, and they even have a window in the front so everyone can get a little sneak peak of your cake before its unwrapped.

Olbaa tall cake box

Olbaa offers a range of sizes perfect for single-tier cakes, and their 51cm (20-inch) high box is ideal for two-tier cakes.

Now I haven’t even mentioned the best part, their boxes come in pink! Yes they have white and blue too, but the pink is just so pretty and you all know I love pink. 

Cupcake Boxes

For those of you who bake cupcakes or mini cupcakes, Olbaa has you covered. Their cupcake boxes are well spaced and deep. No more holding your breath as you close the box, just in case the lid closes on your beautiful buttercream swirl. The boxes are easy to assemble and look amazing for showcasing your cupcakes in your Instagram photos. 

Olbaa cupcake boxes

These boxes are also fantastic for bento cakes. Check out my bento cake tutorial to see how I modified the Olbaa 6 cupcake box to fit this pretty 5 inch bento cake!

Bento Cake Cupcake Box

Treat Boxes

Rachel and Haf haven’t just thought about cakes and cupcakes, they have boxes for macarons, donuts, cookies, cakesicles, and treat boxes. I absolutely love that all your packaging can match, no mater what you’re baking.

Olbaa cakesicle boxes

Masonite Cake Boards

One thing that I talk about in a lot of my videos is using a really sturdy cake board, this is is essential for lifting and transporting cakes. Olbaa’s white Masonite boards are perfect for this. Available in 8, 10, and 12 inches, they fit their boxes perfectly.

They have a really lovely glossy white finish which means you can leave them white if you like instead of having to cover them in fondant. Personally I love these boards when I’m making buttercream cakes.

The best thing is if you’re baking just for your family at home once your cake has been eaten, you can just clean them off and use them again (just don’t submerge them in water).

10% off Olbaa Cake Boxes

I genuinely love using Olbaa cake boxes, and I’m thrilled to share a 10% discount code with you.
Use the code ‘Lynz10’ at checkout on the Olbaa website www.olbaa.co.uk for 10% off.

For those outside the UK, Olbaa also ships internationally. Visit www.olbaa.shop for more information on global shipping.

This is an affiliate link, and using the code helps me continue creating content for this blog.

Before I go, I have to mention Rachel and Haf’s captivating podcast. They feature amazing guests and share inspiring cake journeys. You can find it on Spotify or click the link here.

Happy Baking! x

Thank you for reading!

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